The Arbitrage Funds

PDF Litman Gregory: AdvisorIntelligence, January 2014
Litman Gregory provides their analysis of The Arbitrage Event-Driven Fund.

PDF Litman Gregory: AdvisorIntelligence, December 2012
Litman Gregory interviews Portfolio Manager John Orrico and provides their analysis of The Arbitrage Fund.

PDF Interest Rates & Merger Arbitrage
A look at the components of merger arbitrage that generate investment returns, and how they’ve interacted with interest rates over time.

PDF Alternative Investment Strategies: Merger Arbitrage
A primer on Merger Arbitrage from a special supplement to Financial Planning magazine on alternative investment strategies.

PDF The Proper Analysis: Marketable Alternative Investments
The Proper Analysis discusses the proliferation of registered mutual funds investing in alternative strategies over the past few years, which are giving investors access to a number of types of investment strategies that have previously been unavailable through public markets.